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High Power Rifle | Match Bulletin
Match Bulletin (PDF)
Time: Registration opens one hour prior to the match start times listed below.

Saturday, February 26, 2011    9:00 a.m.    Vintage Rifle Match, 30 Rounds + 5 sighters, NRA Sanctioned
Saturday, March 26, 2011    9:00 a.m.    500 Aggregate, NRA Sanctioned
Saturday, April 23, 2011    9:00 a.m.    800 Aggregate, 4-Man Teams only for team matches, NRA Sanctioned ***see info.*
Saturday, April 24, 2011    9:00 a.m.    500 Aggregate, 4-Man Teams only for team matches, NRA Sanctioned ***see info.*
Saturday, June 25, 2011    9:00 a.m.    500 Aggregate, NRA Sanctioned
Saturday, August 27, 2011    9:00 a.m.    500 Aggregate, NRA Sanctioned
Sunday, Sept 24, 2011    9:00 a.m.    Garand Clinic + 30 rounds Practice, CMP Sanctioned
Saturday, October 8, 2011    9:00 a.m.    Garand Match, As Issued, 30 rounds + sighters CMP Sanctioned
Contact: Regina Hudock at 919-785-0408 or e-mail or Mark Thompson at 919-266-0606 or
Classification: NRA classification system will be used. Unclassified shooters will fire in the Master Class or will be assigned a class if holding a classification card in either small bore or international rifle categories.
Rules: Current NRA High Power Rifle rules will govern. Competitors will hang and score targets. All rifles must have an Open Bolt Indicator. OBI's will be available for sale at the match for $2.00. Staple guns are required. For additional information about the National Rifle Association (NRA), you can check out their web site at or call 703-267-1000.
Equipment: Standard issue service rifles or foreign service rifles having not less than 4.5 lb. trigger pull may be used. NRA Match Rifles may be used but will compete in a separate category. Metallic sights only. A limited number of Club M-1 Garands will be available at no additional cost for competitor use.
Course of Fire: All matches will be fired at 100 yards for a total of 50 rounds; a sighting-in period will be available at the start of the match.

Match 1: 10 shots slow fire standing, 10 minute time limit, SR-1 target.
Match 2: 10 shots rapid fire, standing to sitting or kneeling, 60 seconds time limit, SR-1 target.
Match 3: 10 shots rapid fire, standing to prone, 70 seconds time limit, SR-21 target.
Match 4: 20 shots slow fire prone, 20 minute time limit, MR-31 target.
Match 5: Grand Aggregate - Total of Matches 1, 2, 3, & 4.

Match within a Match: To encourage HP rifle competition, Sir Walter will allow competitors with any HP rifle to compete under the NRA sporting rifle rules. Any safe-to-fire centerfire rifle may be used with any sights (no class III weapons). Course of fire: Each match shot at 100 yards for a total of 32 rounds on SR1 targets. Match 1: 8 rounds slow fire standing. Match 2: 4 rounds standing to sitting or kneeling rapid fire. Match 3: 4 rounds standing to prone rapid fire. Match 4: 16 rounds slow fire prone.
Awards: NRA Award Points will be given in each class in the individual matches and in the Grand Aggregate. Classes may be combined for award purposes if there are less than 5 competitors entered in a class.
Entry Limit: Post entries will be accepted up to the capacity of the range (48).
Entry Fee: SWGC Member, Seniors (55 and up) and match directors $10 , Non-Member $15, Juniors $5.00 (covers NRA fee of $4.50 and targets).
Make checks payable to: Sir Walter Gun Club, Inc. (SWGC)
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Note: Sir Walter Gun Club encourages participation in as many matches as possible at these venues.
Durham Pistol & Rifle
North Carolina Rifle and Pistol Association
North State Shooting Club
Coastal Carolina Rifle Club
Palmetto Gun Club
Lake Norman High Power Club

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