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Creedmoor, North Carolina

2006/2007 Match Bulletin

Winter Indoor Bullseye Pistol League


Time: Primarily 4th Tuesday, November through March inclusive. Tentative dates are: 28 November, 19 December, 23 January, 27 February and 27 March. 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Contact: Match Director Bob Den Bleyker at 919-851-5299 or e-mail .

Location: Wake County Firearms Education & Training Center, 3921 Old Holly Springs-Apex Road, Holly Springs, N.C. A map to the Center is available here for your convenience.

Eligibility: Members of the Wake County range that can legally posses a handgun in N. C. are eligible to participate on a space available basis. Younger shooters may participate IF a parent or legal guardian is present to posses the firearm. It is suggested that participants be members of the NRA, but this is not a requirement.

Rules: Each session to be conducted under NRA Bullseye Pistol Rules.

Awards: No specific awards other than recognition and bragging rights. Subject to change.

Position: Single hand with no support for the firing hand/wrist/arm or other portions of the body.

Scoring: All targets will be scored by the competitors scoring other shooter's targets. The Match Director will settle disputes.

Equipment: All equipment, including handguns, ammunition, etc. to be provided by league members. Pistols may be either revolver or autoloading. Caliber will vary to include .22 rimfire, any centerfire and .45. Sights may be metallic or optical including electronic. Sights that create an image on the target such as LASER sights are prohibited.

Organization: The League will be a Sanctioned League under NRA rules. Scores will be accumulated and forwarded to the NRA for classification purposes. [Indoor classifications are separate from outdoor classifications.] Maximum participants are 9 per match - the match director will reserve slots in the order requests are received.

Course: Standard 90-round "900-Match" format. This takes approximately 2 hours to complete.

There are no turning targets. Audible commands will be used to start and stop fire.

Entry Fee: A $15.00 fee per member, per league night payable to Wake County Revenue Department on each league night. League fee includes an NRA League registration fee of $7.00 per competitor. The League president and secretary/treasurer may participate at no cost.

Make checks payable to: Sir Walter Gun Club

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