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USPSA | 2010 Match Bulletin
Time: The first Saturday of each month. Registration opens at 9:00 am with the safety briefing and stage walk-thru to start at 10:00 am. No one may register after shooting has started without the premission of the Match Director.
Contact: Match Director Martin Little at 919-846-6740, e-mail or Stats Officer Glenn Scales at 919-522-5964, e-mail .
Classification: National USPSA classification system will be used. Non-USPSA members will fire as Unclassified. USPSA members will compete in their USPSA class or "one class down" when shooting in a division in which they do not hold a current classification. Open, Limited, Limited 10, Production and Revolver divisions will be scored as separate matches, each with it's own match winner.
Rules: Current USPSA rules will govern. All shooters are grouped by squads and shoot and work as a squad. Shooters are expected to score and paste targets and collect brass. For additional information about the United States Practiacl Shooting Association (USPSA), you can check out their web site at or call 360-855-2245.
Equipment: Open, Limited, Limited 10, Production, Single Stack handguns and Revolvers are permitted. Open division handguns are not restricted on equipment or design. Limited, Limited 10, Production, Single Stack and Revolver division firearms must meet the requirements of the latest USPSA rule book. All firearms must be a minimum of .38 caliber. All firearms must be carried in a holster worn on the belt. Ear and eye protection required. Competitors should bring a minimum of 200 rounds of ammunition.
Course of Fire: Four to six separate stages of fire will be available at each match. The total round count will typically be 100 to 150. An explanation of each stage of fire will be provided at the beginning of the match. A USPSA classifier stage will be a part of most regular matches and a special four classifier match is usually scheduled in the spring of each year.
Awards: Either cash or merchandise awards, or trophies will be awarded to the winners in each class, based on participation levels. Computer generated score sheets will be distributed to all participants at the prize/award ceremony. Click here for the most current match results.
Entry Fee: SWGC Members: $15.00 per competitor,  Non-Member: $20.00 per competitor. Prices subject to change without notice.
Make checks payable to: Sir Walter Gun Club, Inc. (SWGC)
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